55 Gallon Drum Funnel

This 2″ NPT drum funnel fits on a 55 gallon drum.   The bung connector is 2″x4″ MNPT.  The funnel has a 2 gallon liquid holding capacity.   Comes with a drain plug for when not in use.  It also has a drain screen to catch small pieces of debris.  It is made of 14 gauge steel.  The funnel swivels on the barrel to allow the user to adjust the position of the funnel when in use.   Dimensions are 12″ x 12″ x 5″.   The sides are 5″ high.  Weight is 12 lbs.  When the funnel is screwed into the 55 gallon drum it sits 2″ above the top of the drum.   The bottom of the funnel is flat.