Tank Manhole Cover Lifter $89.00

Underground storage tank manhole cover lifter is designed to remove manhole covers from above underground petroleum tanks.  In addition, it comes with a “J” hook attachment to remove manhole covers that are missing their handle.   The UST manhole cover lifter and gasoline nozzle changer make up Triple B Supply’s selection of retail fueling equipment tools.  The manhole lifter will safely remove manhole covers, because it is design of providing space between the user and the manhole cover.  It prevents the user from coming in contact with the manhole cover as it is being removed.   As a result, this reduces the risk of any type of injury to the user.  The lifter extends to five feet when in use, but folds to three feet for easy storage.  All steel construction.   Weight 8 lbs.  

In addition, the manhole cover lifter comes with a “J” hook attachment to remove manhole covers that are missing the handle.   The “J” hook is used by placing the lowing part of the hook into the manhole cover and attaching the upper part of the hook to the lifter.  At this point, the manhole cover is ready to be removed.  The picture below shows the “J” hook attached to the lifter, and ready to remove a manhole cover.

UST Manhole Cover Lifter

J hook attached the the manhole lifter and ready to remove a manhole cover.

Fueling Nozzle Changer $95.00

Retail Fueling Equipment Tools

Service gasoline and diesel fuel nozzles cleanly and safely with Retail Fueling Equipment Tools from Triple B Supply.  

Triple B Supply’s standard nozzle changer is designed to change gasoline and diesel fuel nozzles.   The nozzle changer fits over a 3 or 5 gallon bucket.  However, the bucket is not included in the price of the nozzle changer.     This fuel nozzle changer, because of it design will hold any size nozzle and any nozzle brand.  In addition, this tool uses a vice style design that cradles the nozzle in a secure position over the bucket as the nozzle is being changed. 

The standard nozzle changer is used by removing the side plate and sliding the nozzle into the changer.   Once the nozzle is positioned in the changer the side plate is repositioned, and tightened with the plate knob.  At this point, the nozzle is now securely positioned over the bucket, and ready to be changed.   You can now loosen the nozzle swivel and remove the nozzle.  As a result, the excess fuel will drain into the bucket as the nozzle is being replaced.  The nozzle changer is all steel and weighs 3 lbs.  The nozzle changer and sump well manhole cover lifter are Triple B Supply retail fueling equipment tools.